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Why Salespeople Fail...

and what you can do about it!

This report is all about making and exceeding those all-important sales numbers and sales forecasts.

It’s an eye-opening look at the deficiencies of modern-day selling systems and sales management efforts, prepared by the company that literally rewrote the book on selling. This white paper provides an honest, no-nonsense approach to selling that places the salesperson firmly in control.

This white paper is a game changer if you have encountered some of these challenges...

  • Unmet sales forecasts
  • Painfully long selling cycles.
  • Discounting to make sales, resulting in eroding profit margins.
  • Hiring salespeople that don't work out.
  • Over-promising by the sales team that creates customer dissatisfaction

The Sandler Selling Methodology has inspired a new level of honest dealing and mutual respect between sales professionals and their customers and clients.

We hope that what you discover here—both about selling and sales management—will encourage you and your organization to continue to explore the benefits of Sandler training.  This report covers...

  • What’s Happened to Your Promising Sales Career?
  • Whose System are You Following?
  • The Prospect’s System
  • Traditional Selling Systems
  • The Sandler® System—A Better Way
  • Why Most Sales Training Doesn't Work
  • Create Your Own Performance Improvement Program
  • Effective Training for Sales Managers
why salespeople fail

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