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Sandler Enterprise Selling

Winning, Growing, and Retaining Major Accounts

Competitively pursuing large, complex accounts is perhaps the greatest challenge for selling teams.

To keep treasured clients and gain new ones, you need a system to win business with profitable enterprise clients serve them effectively, and grow the relationships over time. Sandler Enterprise Selling is the only enterprise selling system based on the award-winning and proprietary Sandler Selling Methodology created by David H. Sandler.

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Competitively pursuing large, complex accounts with multiple constituencies and decision makers is a huge challenge for sales professionals. This book provides a practical six-stage approach for winning business with profitable enterprise clients, serving them effectively, and expanding the relationship over time.

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This is a practical, step-by-step book, that clearly outlines the process for successful enterprise sales.

It's designed specifically for selling teams committed to high achievement in the enterprise environment. The program’s powerful six stages will guide you to:

  • Set a baseline for success for each territory and account.
  • Identify opportunities with the highest probability of success.
  • Engage with buyers to qualify enterprise opportunities.
  • Craft solutions that directly address your clients’ needs.
  • Propose your solution and achieve advancement.
  • Serve and satisfy your client, earning the right to grow the business.

Sandler Enterprise Selling in the news

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book launch in partnership with McGraw Hill, Sandler Enterprise Selling: Winning, Growing, and Retaining Major Accounts

About the Authors

Dave H. Mattson is the CEO and President of Sandler Training. He is also a best-selling author, keynote speaker sales and management thought leader, and global provider for sales training seminars around the world. Mattson first met the famous founder of Sandler Training, David H. Sandler, in 1986, went to work for him in 1988, and was eventually chosen to lead the company.

About the Authors

Brian Sullivan is Vice President of Sandler Enterprise Selling at Sandler Training. He has extensive enterprise sales, sales management, and P&L management experience including sales training and sales process development from his years with The Cap Gemini Group and Xerox Corp., and through his work as an adjunct professor at Loyola University Maryland.

Learn how to find and win business with profitable enterprise clients.