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Goal-Setting Boot Camp

Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

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For anyone and everyone who has big dreams and big ambitions and is willing to take action on them... by changing and doing different things.

In Goal Setting Boot Camp, Kevin Shulmun discusses an intensive four-day process to personal breakthroughs and greater fulfillment in virtually any area of life.

"I've worked with Kevin's personal goal setting principles and tools for over 20 years. They are invaluable and transformational, and have been instrumental in helping my company double, and then double again.”

Mark Gaeta, President, AmerTech

What's Inside

How to speed up your goal-setting process based on core Sandler principles

How to set meaningful personal and professional goals, and get their team members to do the same.

How to connect individual goals with leadership coaching strategies and day-to-day management. 


Powerful stories and examples that are relevant to all audiences including senior executives and their direct reports.


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[AUTHOR] Kevin Shulman

As a certified Sandler trainer, Kevin Shulman has helped individuals, companies, and professional organizations across the country to set and attain important goals for almost 30 years. He has delivered training in a diverse range of venues, yet still spends most of his time with his local clients. He is also frequently asked to assist in training other sales trainers. He completed his undergraduate work at the University of Southern California, where he obtained a degree in psychology, followed by graduate studies in industrial psychology at Wayne State University. He specializes in helping business owners, sales leaders, and salespeople grow their base of business and reach their full potential.