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Selling Technology the Sandler Way

Finding Technical Solutions That Win Long-Term Business Relationships

Sometimes the biggest competitor for the sale can be the status quo.

In his book, Selling Technology The Sandler Way, Rich Chiarello shares how to identify the most pressing business problem that their tool, application, or platform solves—and how to create a joint project plan that delivers value for both buyer and seller. This book offers sales teams tasked with selling technical solutions a proven program for success.

This book is for sales reps and managers who sell technical solutions and want to…

  • Learn how to improve communication, shorten sales cycles and avoid 'unpaid consulting.'
  • Win buy-in from multiple stakeholders in an organization to efficiently get a buying decision.
  • Increase average deal size with clients, without whittling away at margins.

About the Author

Rich Chiarello has over 25 years of business development, management, and training experience, plus extensive experience in expanding domestic companies and global business teams.

He has successfully led the turn-around of many companies and the commercialization of products and services across North America, Japan, Europe and Australia. He has outstanding expertise in developing unique sales and marketing strategies for both new and mature product portfolios and has led the revitalization of numerous sales organizations.

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