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Transforming Leaders The Sandler Way

52 Visual Lessons to Personal and Organizational Effectiveness

You can’t transform a team or an organization until you’ve transformed yourself.

That's the core principal behind Dave Arch's Transforming Leaders The Sandler Way. This user-friendly, graphically-driven guide to 52 critical leadership lessons, is grounded in Sandler coaching principles that support great careers and great teams.

Transforming Leaders—The Sandler Way

Author and Sandler trainer Dave Arch discusses his latest book, Transforming Leaders The Sandler Way, saying that you can't transform a team or an organization until you've transformed yourself. 

The book offers a user-friendly, graphically-driven guide to the 52 critical leadership lessons that support great careers and great teams. A full-color card deck supports the book.

This guide to personal and professional success addresses the following:


    Your ability to communicate in a positive way about what you think and feel strongly about.


    Your ability to connect effectively, quickly, and deeply with others.


    Your ability to ‘read’ people and influence them based on your impressions.


    Your understanding of the abilities and special skills that have made your past successes possible.


    Your ability to feel secure in a situation and make others feel secure.


    Your willingness to act in accordance with clear, consistent principles that connect to a sense of right and wrong.


    The practical, specific wisdom that causes others to say, “Wow! I didn’t see it that way.”

About the Author

Dave Arch is a best-selling author, internationally recognized speaker and conference presenter. He operated a Sandler Training Center and now serves as a Training Consultant for Sandler.

Drawing upon twenty-five years of training experience and a twelve year background in personal and family counseling, Dave's training workshops are featured annually at national conferences.

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